Other Program Source Code Files

I have written about 2 dozen different programs for special situation. Here is the source code to selected programs that I have written. There is no support for these, I ask that if you use the code, that you email me at ron.eaglin@gmail.com to let me know and if you have improvements that you make, you send me the updated versions to post.


RainDigitizer.zip - This software was written for the USGS EXACT Project ( http://international.usgs.gov/projects/pawc-rainfall.htm , http://exact-me.org/  )  It is a Microsoft VB3 Project designed to allow the easy digitization of paper rainfall charts. You do need a digitizer to be able to use this software. 



Rainfall Analyzer.zip - The whole thing (190 MB download with Data Files). This is the source code used for the EXACT-ME project.