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SMADA Software and SMADA Files

Page history last edited by Dr. Ron Eaglin 8 years, 6 months ago


Stormwater Management and Design Aid - SMADA Windows 32 bit version

(I am currently in the process of updating this page with local links 1/9/2012)



All software is offered as a zip file and requires PKUNZIP to decompress. All software downloadable from this page is freeware and can be freely distributed as such.


IDF - Intensity Duration Frequency

Intensity Duration Frequency Curve Viewer



LOOPS - Hardy Cross Pipe Analysis

LOOPS for Windows (version 1.02) FULL INSTALLATION PACKAGE



    Implementation of the familiar Hardy-Cross pipe distribution algorithm. This software was designed for classroom use in hydraulics. It allows students to analyze pipe distribution networks. Support for Darcy-Weisbach and Hazen Williams friction methods is offered. On-line documentation includes all example problems needed to get up and running in the classroom with this software. If you have previous installed the LOOPS program and wish to update the executable only the current version of the executable only can be downloaded by clicking on the update below. It must be unzipped into the LOOPS directory.

SMADA - Stormwater Management and Design Aid

SMADA for Windows (updated 11-5-97) FULL INSTALLATION PACKAGE.

    This software is a complete hydrology package included as a number of separate executable files. These programs work together to allow hydrograph generation, pond routing, storm sewer design, statisitical distribution and regression analysis, pollutant loading modeling, matrix calculation, and others. These programs are useful in both classroom and professional applications. Extensive on-line documentation is available for all programs.

These programs are also available from the textbook Hydrology and Water Quantity and Quality Control by Wanielista, Kersten, and Eaglin (available from John Wiley and Sons publishers).

Click to see how it is being used in the classroom.


SMADA Updates

SMADA 6 includes the following programs. If you have installed the SMADA package you can download and decompress any updates directly into the SMADA directory. To get the updates click on the program name as listed below. You must have previously installed the entire SMADA package for the updates to work properly.

Record of Hydrology/Hydraulics Software Updates

WARNING - these files WILL NOT WORK until you have installed the SMADA installation package. They are UPDATES to the programs in that package.


Update Package NameSize (Bytes)DateDocumentation
SMADA 6.44 zip - Hydrogaph and Pond Design 78k 2-28-98
DISTRIB 2.20 zip | exe - Distribution Analysis 27k 6-21-99 available
OPSEW 3.01 zip - Storm Sewer Design and Analysis 37k 07-15-96
OPSEW 4 alpha - Storm Sewer Design and Analysis 42k 05-21-97
Florida Storm Sewer Beta exe - Storm Sewer Design 154k 06-21-99
REGRESS 1.03 - Regression Analysis 31k 09-08-96
TCCALC 1.04 - Time of Concentration Calculator 40k 07-03-96
EZMAT 1.1 - EZ Matrix Calculator 18k 07-15-96
PLOAD 1.00 - Pollutant Loading Estimation 13k 06-03-95
CPCALC 1.00 - Circular Pipe Calculator 5k 11-16-95
LOOPS 1.02 - Loops Hardy Cross 5k 11-30-95
LOOPS 2.02 - Loops Hardy Cross v2 5k 2-23-98


The following programs are not included with SMADA, but can be added to the SMADA directory. An icon must be created for them. Follow the directions in your Windows manuals for icon creation. They are calculation utilities which may come in handy, they were written by Dr. Eaglin for specific projects and tasks.


Update Package NameSize (Bytes)Date
TOWER.ZIP - Water Tower/Pump Simulation 10k 11-10-95
MUSKING.ZIP - Muskingum Routing Calculator 5k 11-19-96
IDFVIEW.ZIP - Florida IDF Curve Viewer and Printer 19k 11-6-96
RPARSER.ZIP - Rainfall Parser, Requires EarthInfo data Files 49k 7-10-97
EI2RNF.ZIP - Convert EarthInfo Files to SMADA Rainfall Files, Requires EarthInfo Data Files 24k 7-10-97



SMADA Documentation

If you wish to be e-mailed of the documentation availability, cost, and address where you can obtain the documentation for SMADA send an e-mail message to eaglin@magicnet.net with the subject SMADA Documentation Request, and I will e-mail you back information.

SMADA for DOS Installation Package

    The earlier DOS version of the Windows SMADA Package. This installs into the DOS versions of SMADA, DISTRIB, REGRESS, RETEN, and OPSEW. This is a good package to use on 386 and less powerful computers or computers which have a rough time with Windows. Of course if your computer has a rough time with Windows, you probably haven't gotten this far.

SMADA C++ Version, WINSMADA (1993 version)

This is the SMADA version containing the C++ version of DISTRIB, HYDGEN, PONDER, and the FHWA Pollutant Loading Model. C++ code for domain routines is also available.

Stormwater Management Text Programs Download - These Programs accompany the text Stormwater Management, Wanielista and Yousef, 1993


Florida DOT Storm Sewers

Warning ! this program is a beta release - it has currently undergoing testing and debugging. It performs all calculation for design of storm sewers using the standard set by the Florida Department of Transportion. Bug information should be sent to reaglin@mail.ucf.edu Please include version date with any bug information, the version date is the same as the time stamp date on the excecutable.

FDOT Sewer Design (Windows) - FULL INSTALLATION PACKAGE dated 11/30/98

On-Line documentation - This link (will) contain information about how to use the FDOT sewer program.

Gradually Varied Flow Profiler

Surface Profile Calculator (Windows) - FULL INSTALLATION PACKAGE

    This program allows for the calculation of surface profiles of trapezoidal channels using both the direct step method and the standard step method. Normal flow conditions can also be calculated. Results are presented in the format shown in

Fundamentals of Hydraulic Engineering Systems by my good friends Dr. R Houghtalen and Dr. N Hwang. This is a very handy tool for the calculation of these profiles shapes.

Recommended Shareware And Other Software Used At UCF

OCAD for Windows

    This mapping program was developed to produce orienteering maps. It is by the far the easiest and most flexible mapping program I have ever used. This demo version is limited to 500 objects, but has full functionality. For drawing small and mid-sized maps this program is compact and very easy to use. To see a map drawn with this programs view the

Florida Orienteering Club Page

Links To Other Software Used At UCF (personal favorites)


General Software


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