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Krig Analysis of Data 2012

Page history last edited by Dr. Ron Eaglin 8 years, 1 month ago

Krig Analysis of Data 2012 (back to Methodology for Final Analysis 2012 )




Using the Software Program Surfer by Golden Software (version 8) a krig analysis was performed on the data. With 9 return periods and 9 durations, 81 distinct isohyetal plots were generated. This analysis was done in 2 steps using a VB program written specifically for this task.


Step 1 - Grid Creation Sheet.BAS - The first program (text file BAS extension) read the data from the spreadsheets for each return period and produced a Surfer grid file. The program also "blanked" ( Blanking.bln ) a section of the grid so that contours would only be drawn in certain parts of the final analysis. Nugget effect was applied with a variation coefficient of 0.25.


Step 2 Plot Creation.BAS - A second VBA application was run that read the grid files, formatted the plot, put the state background into the plot, and exported the results into a word doc file for viewing. The resulting srf files and doc files are included in the  zip file.



Surfer Plots 10-9-2012.zip










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