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List of Sites - Analysis Results

Page history last edited by Dr. Ron Eaglin 8 years, 10 months ago

 List of Sites - Full Analysis Results



Station Description Site # Latitude Longitude

Report Link

 Data Link
 APALACHICOLA AIRPORT    211  N29:43:33   W085:01:14  Apalachicola 211.doc  211.xls
 AVON PARK 2 W            369  N27:35:40   W081:31:31  Avon Park 369.doc  369.xls
 AVON PARK 1 NW           374  N27:36:00   W081:30:00     
 BAINBRIDGE GA 581  N30:55:00  W084:35:00 Bainbridge, GA 581.doc  581.xls
 BAINBRIDGE GA INTL PAPER 586  N30:49:22  W084:37:03 Bainbridge, GA, Int. Paper 586.doc  586.xls
 BELLE GLADE HRCN GT 4    616  N26:42:00   W080:43:00  Belle Glade 616.doc  616.xls
 BIG CYPRESS INDIAN RESE  739  N26:19:00   W081:00:00     
 BITHLO                   758  N28:33:00   W081:07:00     
 BLACKMAN                 765  N30:59:00   W086:39:00  Blackman 765.doc  765.xls
 BOCA RATON               845  N26:22:03   W080:06:37  Boca Raton 845.doc   845.xls
 BRANFORD                 975  N29:57:45   W082:54:39  Branford 975.doc  975.xls
 BRISTOL                  1020  N30:25:05   W084:59:10  Bristol 1020.doc  1020.xls
 BROOKSVILLE CHIN HILL    1046  N28:36:59   W082:21:57  Brooksville CH 1046.doc   1046.xls
 BROOKSVILLE 7 SSW        1048  N28:28:52   W082:26:07  Brooksville 7 SSW 1048.doc   1048.xls
 BROOKSVILLE NURSY 1      1051  N28:38:00   W082:19:00     
 BROOKSVILLE 2            1056  N28:38:00   W082:20:00     
 CANAL POINT GATE 5       1271  N26:52:00   W080:38:00  Canal Point 1271.doc   1271.xls
 BITHLO                   1565  N28:33:00   W081:06:00     
 CLEWISTON AIRPORT        1649  N26:44:00   W080:57:00     
 CLEWISTON                1654  N26:44:32   W080:56:24   Clewiston 1654.doc   1654.xls


1984  N30:46:00   W086:35:00   Crestview Radio WJSB 1984.doc   1984.xls
 CRESTVIEW BOB SIKES AP   1986  N30:46:47   W086:31:21   Crestview Bob Sikes AP 1986.doc   1986.xls
 CROSS CITY               2006  N29:38:00   W083:08:00   Cross City 2006.doc   2006.xls
 CROSS CITY 2 WNW         2008  N29:38:59   W083:09:59   Cross City 2 WNW 2008.doc   2008.xls
 CROSS CITY FAA AIRPORT   2011  N29:38:00   W083:06:00   Cross City FAA Airport 2011.doc   2011.xls
 DAYTONA BEACH INTL AP    2158  N29:10:58   W081:02:54   Daytona Beach 2158.doc   2158.xls
 DEER PARK                2200  N28:06:00   W080:54:00     
 DELAND 1 SSE             2229  N29:01:05   W081:18:38   Deland 1 SSE 2229.doc   2229.xls


2238  N31:01:00  W083:52:00  Coolidge, GA 2238.doc  2238.xls
 DOWLING PARK 1 W         2391  N30:14:59   W083:15:34   Dowling Park 2391.doc   2391.xls
 VALPARAISO EGLIN AFB     2659  N30:29:00   W086:31:00     
 FELDA                    2923  N26:32:00   W081:26:00   Felda 2923.doc   2923.xls
 FORT DRUM 3 NW           3137  N27:31:49   W080:49:00   Fort Drum 3137.doc   3137.xls
 FORT MYERS 3186      Fort Myers 3186.doc  


3286  N26:35:06   W081:51:41     3286.xls
  FARGO GA 3312  N30:41:27  W082:33:48  Fargo, GA 3312.doc   3312.xls
 GAINESVILLE UNIV OF FLO  3316  N29:39:00   W082:21:00   Gainesville UF 3316.doc   3316.xls
 GAINESVILLE 3 WSW        3321  N29:38:00   W082:22:00   Gainesville 3 WSW 3321.doc   3321.xls
 GAINESVILLE 11 WNW       3322  N29:40:53   W082:29:39   Gainesville 11 WNW 3322.doc   3322.xls
 GAINESVILLE REGIONL AP   3326  N29:41:31   W082:16:32     
 FOLKSTON GA 3460  N30:47:55  W082:01:05  Folkston, GA 3460.doc   3460.xls
 GRACEVILLE 1 SW          3538  N30:57:27   W085:31:59   Graceville 3538.doc   3538.xls
 GRADY                    3543  N29:57:00   W082:57:00   Grady 3543.doc   3543.xls
 GRAPE HAMMOCK            3571  N27:48:00   W081:12:00   Grape Hammock 3571.doc   3571.xls
 HAINES CITY 4 S          3713  N28:05:00   W081:37:00     
 HAINES CITY 2 W          3718  N28:06:00   W081:39:00     
 HIALEAH                  3909  N25:49:03   W080:17:09    Hialeah 3909.doc   3909.xls
 HOLOPAW 6 SE             4075  N28:03:00   W081:03:00    Holopaw 4075.doc   4075.xls
 HOMESTEAD EXP STN        4091  N25:30:00   W080:30:00     4091.xls
 HOMESTEAD GEN AVIATION   4095  N25:30:04   W080:33:00     
 INDIAN LAKE ESTATES      4242  N27:48:00   W081:20:00     
 INGLIS 3 E               4273  N29:01:31   W082:36:57    Inglis 4273.doc   4273.xls
 JACKSONVILLE INTL AP     4358  N30:29:42   W081:41:37    Jacksonville 4358.doc   4358.xls
 JACKSONVILLE WB CITY     4371  N30:20:00   W081:39:00     4371.xls
 JASPER 5 WNW             4393  N30:32:00   W083:01:00     
 KEY WEST INTL AP         4570  N24:33:08   W081:45:27     4570.xls
 KEY WEST                 4575  N24:34:00   W081:48:00     4575.xls
 KICCO RANCH              4588  N27:48:00   W081:15:00     
 KISSIMMEE                4620  N28:18:00   W081:25:00     
 KISSIMMEE 2              4625  N28:16:49   W081:25:06     4625.xls
 KISSIMMEE RIVER          4636  N27:48:00   W081:11:00     
 LA BELLE 2 NW            4667  N26:46:00   W081:27:00     
 LAKE ALFRED EXP STN      4707  N28:06:15   W081:42:52     
 LAKE ALFRED 3 NNE        4712  N28:08:00   W081:43:00     
 LAKE CITY 2 E            4731  N30:11:07   W082:35:39     
 LAKELAND                 4797  N28:01:14   W081:55:19    Lakeland 4797.doc  4797.xls
 LAKELAND 2               4802  N27:59:29   W082:00:49     
 LAMONT 6 WNW             4892  N30:25:00   W083:55:00     4892.xls
 LEESBURG                 4980  N28:49:00   W081:52:00     4980.xls
 LIGNUMVITAE KEY          5035  N24:54:00   W080:42:00     5035.xls
 LISBON                   5076  N28:52:22   W081:47:11     5076.xls
 LOXAHATCHEE              5182  N26:41:00   W080:16:00     5182.xls
 LYNNE                    5237  N29:12:01   W081:55:50   Lynne 5237.doc   5237.xls
 MARIANNA CAA AP          5367  N30:50:00   W085:11:00     
 MARINELAND               5391  N29:40:12   W081:12:54     5391.xls
 MELBOURNE 10 WNW         5607  N28:07:00   W080:45:00     
 MELBOURNE WFO            5612  N28:05:45   W080:37:51   Melbourne 5612.doc   5612.xls
 MIAMI BEACH              5658  N25:46:49   W080:07:48   Miami Beach 5658.doc   5658.xls
 MIAMI INTERNATIONAL AP   5663  N25:47:26   W080:18:59   Miami IAP 5663.doc   5663.xls
 MIAMI WSO CITY           5668  N25:43:00   W080:17:00   Miami City 5668.doc   5668.xls
 MILES CITY TOWER         5719  N26:11:00   W081:21:00     
 MILLIGAN                 5756  N30:45:00   W086:39:00     
 MONTICELLO 5 SE         5879  N30:29:32   W083:47:00   Monticello 5879.doc  5879.xls
 MOORE HAVEN LOCK 1       5895  N26:50:24   W081:05:14   Moore Haven Lock 5895.doc   5895.xls
 NAPLES                   6078  N26:10:07   W081:42:57     
 NICEVILLE                6240  N30:31:53   W086:29:31   Niceville 6240.doc   6240.xls
 NORTH NEW RIVER CANAL 1  6318  N26:34:00   W080:45:00   North New River Canal 1 6318.doc   6318.xls
 NORTH NEW RVR CANAL 2    6323  N26:20:01   W080:32:14   N. New River Canal 2 6323.doc   6323.xls
 OASIS FISHING LODGE      6404  N27:48:00   W081:12:00     
 OCALA 2 NE               6419  N29:12:00   W082:06:00     
 OKEECHOBEE               6485  N28:11:48   W080:49:54   Okeechobee 6485.doc   6485.xls
 ORANGE CITY              6584  N28:56:00   W081:18:00   Orange City 6584.doc   6584.xls
 ORLANDO INTL AP          6628  N28:26:02   W081:19:30   Orlando IAP 6628.doc   6628.xls
 ORLANDO WSO AIRPORT      6638  N28:33:00   W081:20:00   Orlando WSO Airport 6638.doc   6638.xls
 ORTONA LOCK 2            6657  N26:47:23   W081:18:16   Ortona Lock 6657.doc   6657.xls
 PANACEA 1 S              6828  N29:59:56   W084:29:06   Panacea 6828.doc   6628.xls
 PANAMA CITY 2            6841  N30:10:00   W085:42:00   Panama City 2 6841.doc   6841.xls
 PANAMA CITY 5 N          6842  N30:14:57   W085:39:38   Panama City 5 6842.doc   6842.xls
 PARRISH                  6880  N27:36:32   W082:20:52   Parrish 6880.doc   6880.xls
 PENNSUCO 5 WNW           6988  N25:55:47   W080:27:14   Pennsuco 5 6988.doc   6988.xls
 PENSACOLA REGIONAL AP    6997  N30:28:41   W087:11:13   Pensacola Regional AP 6997.doc   6997.xls
 PENSACOLA WB CITY        7002  N30:25:00   W087:13:00   Pensacola WB City 7002.doc   7002.xls
 PORT MAYACA S L CANAL    7293  N26:59:00   W080:37:00   Port Mayaca Canal 7293.doc   7293.xls
 RAIFORD STATE PRISON     7440  N30:04:04   W082:11:34   Raiford State Prison 7440.doc   7440.xls
 ST AUGUSTINE BEACH       7820  N29:50:00   W081:16:00     
 SAINT LEO                7851  N28:20:16   W082:15:36   StLeo 7851.doc   7851.xls
 ST LUCIE NEW LOCK 1      7859  N27:07:00   W080:17:00   St. Lucie 7859.doc   7859.xls
 ST PETERSBURG            7886  N27:45:47   W082:37:38   StPete 7886.doc   7886.xls
 SHADY OAKS FISH CAMP     8165  N27:49:00   W081:13:00     
 SUNNILAND                8671  N26:16:00   W081:21:00     
 TALLAHASSEE WSO AP       8758  N30:23:35   W084:21:12   Tallahassee AP 8758.doc   8758.xls
 TAMIAMI CANAL            8775  N25:46:00   W080:27:00   Tamiami Canal 8775.doc   8775.xls
 TAMIAMI TRAIL 40 MI BEN  8780  N25:45:39   W080:49:27   Tamiami Trail 8780.doc   8780.xls
 TAMPA WSCMO AP           8788  N27:57:41   W082:32:25   Tampa 8788.doc  8788.xls  
 TAVERNIER                8841  N25:00:25   W080:31:16     
 TRAIL GLADE RANGES       9010  N25:45:53   W080:28:39   Trail Glade Ranges 9010.doc   9010.xls
 TURKEY HAMMOCK           9048  N27:48:00   W081:11:00     
 VENICE                   9176  N27:06:02   W082:26:11   Venice 9176.doc   9176.xls
 VENUS                    9184  N27:08:06   W081:19:49   Venus 9184.doc   9184.xls
 VERNON                   9206  N30:37:00   W085:43:00   Vernon 9206.doc   9206.xls
 VERO BEACH MUNI ARPT     9214  N27:39:20   W080:25:05   Vero Beach Airport 9214.doc   9214.xls
 VERO BEACH 4 SE          9219  N27:39:10   W080:24:11   Vero Beach 9219.doc   9219.xls
 WAUSAU                   9415  N30:39:12   W085:35:18   Wausau 9415.doc   9415.xls
 WEST PALM BEACH          9520  N26:43:00   W080:03:00     
 WEST PALM BEACH INTERNA  9525  N26:41:05   W080:05:58   West Palm Beach 9525.doc   9525.xls
 WOODRUFF DAM             9795  N30:43:19   W084:52:27   Woodruff 9795.doc   9795.xls


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