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Page history last edited by Dr. Ron Eaglin 11 years, 6 months ago

Stormwater Management and Design Aid (SMADA) Documentation


You can download the SMADA Software Here - http://stormwater.ucf.edu/research_publications.asp


This documentation is provided as a service to SMADA users.


 SMADAIntro.pdf - SMADA Cover Page, Introduction and Table of Contents

 SMADAProgramInstructions.pdf - Program Instructions for hte SMADA Program

 SMADATheory.pdf - Theory behind the SMADA Program

 TCCalcDocumentation.pdf - Instructions for the Time of Concentration Calculator

 DISTRIBDocumentation.pdf - Instructions for the DIstribution Analysis Software

 REGRESSDocumentation.pdf - Instructiosn for the linear regression calculator

 EZMATDocumentation.pdf - Instructions for the matrix calculator

 ComparisonSWMMAndSMADA.pdf - COmparison of SWMM and SMADA in contnuous simulation

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